Tutorial Basics

You have the sound in your head; we provide the education needed to create it! We offer DJs and Electronic music lovers the perfect solution for creating music that’s ready for clubs, parties and other events. Our clear and easy to follow courses will teach you exactly what you need to know, as well as providing everything you need in the process.

DJ 2 Producer is a music production training company that’s making an impact. We give you everything you need online in an easy to follow formula. We also offer additional assistance from our team of pros, should you need it. You’ll get to watch a professionally mastered track created in full from start to finish and be given the tools, resources and knowledge to easily create your own tracks.

Unlike other sites, you won’t be bombarded with tons of irrelevant information or have to search through tutorial after tutorial to find what you really need. Our tutorials will give you literally everything you need to make music the way you want! We take the guesswork out of music production and show you exactly what you need in a proven step-by-step process.

Learn from producers making hits Worldwide, DJing at the most popular clubs in the world. Get the right advice first time round and take as long as you need to understand it. Once you start putting the basics into practice, you will get a great sense of achievement starting and FINISHING tracks.

Once your tracks are complete, we show you how to take them to the next level!
We show you how to get that professional polish and sheen you hear on a club track. Covering EQ, Compression, Delays, Reverb as well as a whole host of other good practices, you will complete the courses knowing the exact techniques and processes needed to finish your music to release standards.

After you’ve polished your tracks into a smooth, fluid sound, you’ll need to know how to release them. We equip you with the tools and techniques needed to grab the attention of record labels, as well as what to expect once you do.

Our courses are exactly what you need to reach your goals in the music industry. Music is in your bones. It’s your passion. Get the information you really need – and ONLY what you need – with the courses offered by DJ 2 Producer. Don’t delay your success any longer. Invest in your future.