Jody Van Jefford
DJ / Producer / UK
Great tutorials! The best teacher I've had up to now.. Roll on next session!
Mark Sinclair
DJ Tutor / UK
Having used various online tutorial sites in the past I have found these to be the most concise and clear tutorials on the web. Not only do they give you the knowledge to get creative quickly but also teach you based on the current trends in dance music so your productions sound fresh using the latest techniques.
Sean Sines
I found the tutorial very helpful and easy to follow I learnt new production techniques, I feel my productions have vastly improved since taking the course, can't recommend the course enough
Jay Hansell
DJ / Producer / UK
It's been a looooong few weeks with late nights but worth the finished products.. Big shout to Mark for his expertise.. The guy is a studio Jedi!
Gav O'Callaghan
DJ / Producer / UK
I've made two tracks now and Carl Cox is playing them both.. all from following the tutorials and having a 121 session!
Petrae Foy
International DJ / Producer / Booking Agent
Mark is incredibly talented. I loved the music he produced so much that I decided to take lessons with him. Very quickly, due to his patience and teaching style, I picked up some key elements that meant I could start creating my own style of music. Mark is truly the best music producer I know and it's amazing having him teach you. Highly recommend using his services of you're interested in creating your own music.
Kat Heiland
Property Developer / Music Lover / Sydney
I am super happy with the mastered tracks of my debut album - Mark did a great job! Very reliable as a person and defo international  sound quality, top!
Dima Riva
DJ / Producer / Austria
I am half way through watching the first set of videos on the Ableton tutorials and I have to say they are really easy to follow and offer some great advice, even the finer details about house keeping and improving workflow are pointed out which can easily be forgotten.
Russell James
DJ / Producer / Promoter UK
These guys will have you making the music you want in no time.. Recommended!
Brad Holland
DJ / Producer / USA
I had no experience of using professional music software and signed up to the 5 course 121 session with my assigned tutor. With a combination of the 121 tuition and online video's, I quickly understood the functions and features of what Ableton live had to offer. I was then making full tracks within a week!
Dave Bradshaw
DJ / Music Lover / Peterborough UK
Mastering on my tracks sounds so good! Seriously amazing, they sound wide and phat as hell!
Gavin Holland
Live Artist / Producer / UK
I just finished the tutorial. Took me roughly an hour per lesson to follow along on my own DAW. I just wished to thank the team so much for this informative, no non-sense, tutorial. Up to the point, easy to follow, well explained as well as very well structured, and very applicable right away. Thank you again and keep on the good work!!
Marie-Helene Leopold
Recent Customer / Paris / France
As a student of Mark's I can honestly say ..... (as cliché as it sounds 🙂 goes the extra mile! He is one of the most relaxed people I know but the consideration he had for my own learning went way beyond actually 'what he was actually doing' - teaching me things about the project that I didn't think I needed to know but now I realise how those 'extra bits' of info have come in VERY handy.
Paul Ryder
Life Coach / E-Learning Courses / UK
The Yoda's of Music Production!
Nkosi Inniss
DJ / Producer / MC
I have always been interested in DJing and Producing and spent hours watching free YouTube videos to get some basics together. I learnt so much more in such little time with Mark's tutorials and dedicated 121 support. If you're a newbie like me, seriously, pay for a course and save yourself weeks (if not months) of your life! He makes it so much easier to understand than any YouTube video I watched and his 121 support is GOLD.
Sam Affridi
Photographer / Music Lover / Sydney
I was struggling with setting up a track structure in an organised fashion, using good foundations. Now I have a better understanding on what goals to set within a reasonable time frame and how to make a professional track from start to finish.
Jeremy Thomas
Music Lover / New Zealand
I really enjoyed getting some music sorted and made! Very productive as per usual, looking forward to my next session!
Jenny Harrison
DJ / Producer / UK
Mark has mastered many of my tracks, including Rulers of the Deep and Tiger Milk. So far I've been very happy with his unique warm sound taste and quick response.. as time is the issue these days in the music biz 🙂 
Meelis Meri
DJ / Producer / Estonia
I’ve never been one to follow long winded instructions, but I felt the tutorials were quick, easy and have helped my productions step up to another level. I highly recommend this to both new or experienced producers!
Lisa Lashes
No 1 Female DJ / UK