The tutorials provided by DJ2Producer are for DJs and music lovers looking to improve their production skills to the likes of Top 10 selling producers. Our tutorials and courses provide the perfect solutions and tools for music production mastery. Unlike other tutorials, we cut right to the chase and provide you with the ultimate workflow needed to easily create excellent music with a professional sound.

We will teach you some of the best, most efficient techniques in music production leaving out the guesswork and headaches usually found when starting out making music. Consider our courses a fast track to your music production career. Going direct to the best tips, tricks and templates used by top engineers, you’ll soon see it can be easy to create great tracks every time.

What’s included?

Links to all the necessary software
A fully loaded sample pack + bonus sound pack
All presets used within the VST’s + Midi Files
Full template files of the finished tracks
Bonus ‘Getting Started’ videos for new producers

Our tutorials include videos so that you can watch how we make a professional club track from start to finish..

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