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How Does the Online 121 Work?

Have a look over this page which should cover the main points. If you need any more help, send us a message and we will get right back to you.

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Why choose DJ2Producer.com?

We offer a complete producer package that literally gives you everything you need and more to start making tracks.

The tips and content are written by artists that have sold millions of records and DJ’d the world over.. We have a proven formula that just works. The studio doors are wide open and we show you how to complete a track in a very simple few steps. This saves you the years of guesswork and trial and error. With this knowledge at your fingertips – there really is nothing stopping you making music!

What do I do with with the downloaded zip files?

The first thing you need to do is make sure they are located on your desktop. All our tutorials assume that they have been unzipped to this location before you start watching the videos.

Do you get the samples or do you need to buy the extra sound packs?

Each tutorial comes complete with its own sample pack (and bonus pack!) engineered for making the tutorial track in full and for the genre of music you are learning to produce.

Which product should I choose (Cubase or Ableton)?

Both software programs can be downloaded for free to try for 30 days in the links provided.
The full trial version of Cubase requires a USB key however, which is an additional cost that can be avoided.

Do I have to be able to write music?

No. It can help of course.
Our tutorials are designed to give you everything you need to make a track. We show you where to write the notes and drums using a mouse and standard office style keyboard

How do I access my purchased content?

Simply go to Access Content and ensure you are logged in. All content that has been purchased will unlock and expand automatically. Here’s an example:

Why do the videos take a long time to load?

All our videos play automatically in HD (High Definition Video Quality).
Clicking on the HD button at the bottom right of the video will change to low quality. This will load content faster on slower internet connections.

Can I download the tutorial videos?

Sorry. At the moment we do not offer the option to download our video content.
You can stream in HD Quality as much as you like however.